The future is ever changing

Why do I worry about today

About how my past is

Or about how tomorrow will turn out?
The future, where I spend most of my days worrying and fearing about, will change and I don’t have control over it.
So why worry?

Why not let the Universe do its part?
The best is yet to come.

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I feel eternally sleepy for the past few days.

It’s insane.

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Always looking
for another

Often missing
a potential

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The Pope Francis effect

There is something about Pope Francis that attracted over 6 million people to attend the mass in Quirino Grandstand today.

All were gathered for a rare chance to hear a live mass from the Pope.

Some waited for an hour or two, the others, waited inasmuch as eleven hours (like us) or even more, just to get a good view of the “rockstar”.

But it was never an easy peat for we all have to brave the drizzle all throughout the day.

Good thing it’s just rain, no strong, howling winds despite Metro Manila being under Signal No. 1.

Among the crowd are Sto. Niño relics, all raised up in the air to avoid the pressure of people being carried away by the rest of the crowd. Candles, transparent bags filled with food, water, medicines and other necessities, mats, umbrellas, and raincoats are also to be seen.

The crowd is a mixture of both young and young at heart. All were relatively calm, helpful, and compassionate to the ones who resort to pushing because of the massive number of people wanting to get in. All seems to be keeping tab on the essence of the activity that gathered all of us.

In search for a perfect place to have a clear view of the Pope, our group transferred from one place to another to another. We were eight. All waiting patiently starting 4am.

It wasn’t easy to wait for long hours for a mass that will start at 3:30pm but we didn’t mind. We’re all filled with excitement, hopes, and joy by the mere fact that finally, we will see the head of the church. Yey

When half of us decided to pee, we looked for the portalets. We walked back and forth, asked security guards from various points only to be directed like a pingpong ball, bouncing off in different points. Then we found it. After successfully releasing our pees, the guards won’t allow us to enter the vicinity anymore.

We were lost but not hopeless. We stayed in an area we expected the motorcade to pass through. Luck went on for forty minutes, no guards asking us to go but after that, policemen started calling us out, asking us to relocate.

Then with a twist of fate, a friend of mine saw a block mate of his, who gave us passes to the area in front of the stage. Lord knows how happy and thankful we are.

It was raining, still, but we didn’t mind.

Hearing the solemn mass by the Pope was all I needed. Aside from the fact that the songs were sung by a 1,000 member chorale whose voice were all angelic, and a cheer led by a very positive and energetic host, the event was indeed a successful one not just in the physical level but also in the spiritual level.

My phone got dripping wet, documenting the happenings and the result is a small malfunction. But I don’t mind.

I have too many to say but it all boils down to thank you, it was 13 hours spent wisely. We got tickets closer to Him but we also brought Him home here in our hearts.

All is well that ends well.

Thank you, Pope Francis, for visiting us, for renewing our faith and connection with God, and for making us all very happy. We love you so much. 🙂


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Dear Pope Francis

Photo by Johannes Eisselle | AFP

I have no words for you. From the moment the Sri Lankan plane carrying you landed on the soil of the Philippines, we have been following every steps you take.

You arrived in our country to share our sentiments; to bring warmth to the nation slaughtered by the strongest storm that had ever hit the land (Typhoon Yolanda/ Haiyan). But more than that, you intend to bring us closer to God.

You show us how the existence of poor is not a sign of bad luck, but a sign of inequality, of resources being deprived to the ones who need it the most.

Mercy and Compassion is key, you said. Reject corruption, too.

You teach us to never let go of our dreams for it is in our capacity to dream that we will be able to learn to love again.

I never looked at it this way. You are right. It’s been a long while since I last dreamed. I almost forgot how dreams filled me with hope, positivity, and warmth. The trials made me stop dreaming but yes, I will dream again.

You also tell us how in our most trying times, we just say it all to the Lord and our Mother Mary because they will never abandon us even when everybody else does.

I remember during my darkest times, I go to the church almost every day. I haven’t been doing this for quite some time now but your presence managed to pull me back, as if the Church calls me again. You are like a magnet, I must say.

But of course, you also said that you are also human just like the rest of us. While the rest of the nation is giving you a warm welcome, we will also take note to exude such warm greetings to one another. That’s the most important.

Dear Pope, you have a gift to speak directly to our hearts. You touch us with your words, your smile, even your mere silence and presence is overwhelming. We feel very blessed.

At 78, you don’t show any signs of being tired; you even shared a storm signal no. 2 with our fellows in Tacloban.

You never seem to get tired although we know you are. We observe you catching your breath after a long walk in Malacañang and after going down from your Pope Mobile where you stood for hours, just to greet and bless the crowd around you.

You show us how to be human, how to be open to other people’s choices and conditions, and how to be more loving.

Your relentless waving at people who have waited for hours just to see you is nothing sort of amazing.

The Filipino nation has nothing but appreciation for you. We wish you good health today and always.

Pope, please eat well and take your vitamins. Please don’t get sick, nor over fatigued.

As we continue to pray with you, please pray for us too. For us to never lose our ability to dream, to hope, and to pray, above all.

May God bless you, our beloved Pope Francis. You will always be in every Filipino’s prayers. We love you very much, more than words can tell.

See you tomorrow in Luneta. 🙂

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I still wonder

but then I realize

that I’m just

wasting my time.

Better things are ahead.

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Back to the grind

The night is always giving
of stars
of moon

of darkness
and light,

and here I am,
often standing in awe

at times afraid
of what the night may bring
but tonight
i will just sleep all my troubles away

for my alarm clock
says hey


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