Our Biology professor named Mr. J.T. Olivar told us yesterday that there is no such living thing as AUTISTIC. If there is/are any, they are not called in such manner. I don’t get his idea of telling us that an autistic person looks like this:


Maybe he is trying to explain to us that NO ONE REALLY IS, AN AUTISTIC. As you can see here, the person I draw [just like the one my prof drew on the board] have this two horns. I bumped with the idea that it is impossible for us to see another creature walking down the street with horns right? except for the Halloween. Ergo, we will come into a conclusion that AUTISTIC don’t really exist.

Person with Autism is the right term. Autism is a mental disorder who needs proper care and not those bully words.


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2 Responses to autistic?

  1. I disagree with your professor’s reasoning, and it is even more saddening that his impression of such an innocuous word made you think it is a “bully word.” And sorry to say, your conclusion is wrong. The word “autistic” exists, and unfortunately, it has entered the Filipino lexicon as an insult, which hurts autistics and their families.

    For most autistics themselves, the word “autistic” is an identity — not an insult. The term “person with autism” is also commonly acceptable among some professionals, parents, and advocates, Only the ignorant think of and use autism as an insult, and I know you are not among those ranks. 😉

  2. penpenpenpen says:

    I’m sorry if I have offended you, or anyone, that was not my intention. I believe my professor is just talking about the variety of speech and that we all have reasons for believing in something. But I respect your stand. Thanks for taking time explaining your side. Have a nice day! 🙂

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