chapter 1 and 2: thesis making

I never thought that thesis making is F-U-N!

I stated in my status in Facebook that I love thesis making and then someone replied:

ah talaga? ako hindi e. ( really? Im not enjoying it.)

Before actually doing the thesis, I have done some research regarding thesis making. I found some sites, slide presentation, documents, etc. saying that thesis need not to be a pain in students’ life. You just need to enjoy it. After doing a great job win your thesis, do yourself a favor –TREAT YOURSELF! That is one way to make thesis making happy and fulfilling.

Now that I have my friends and classmates who thinks that thesis making is a burdern or a pain in the butt, I just hope that they can feel the same thing I am feeling right now. 😀

In thesis, I get to learn something new, discover new ideas, create theories.. And would you believe, I am now excited for the defense! HAHA That is so positive for me.

To tell you the truth, my partner is not really doing such an effort in our thesis because she said she’s lazy to do it. I created almost everything, she just edited a little, added a little and voila! she’s done. Me, I read, learned, created, conceptualized and thinked about the thesis. 

My Lola said that I should not be bitter if my partner in thesis is not contributing that much because I am the one who will benefit more because I am the one who learns more so I have nothing to worry about — except for nervous attack in defense time.HAHAHA

So, I ask to God to help me continue on this way of thinking everytime. Let it live with me FOREVER. :]

At some point, I thought that I might be ODD because everyone’s been complaining about thesis but I said, well that’s life. It just depends on the person’s perspective.




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5 Responses to chapter 1 and 2: thesis making

  1. aiswa says:

    Give me some sites in finding thesis titles

  2. ivoj7 says:

    yeah i agree., it is fun if you really really want/are soo much interested in the topic. the only hard thing is getting the related literature or references to support your thesis … xD

  3. lady fritz says: convincing myself to enjoy thesis-making..hehe..looking for a nice topic.. any suggestions?…

  4. darie says:

    pano gumawa ng thesis ??????

  5. franx says:

    guys pahinga naman ng nice title ng thesis about math,,,plzzzzz….

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