It’s my life

It’s now or never.

After our exam, Kim, Jasmen, Sheena, Lea, Sherine and me went to the UST Lover’s lane. We sat on the grass and played some truth or dare and then played another game that involves a killer, a police and the rest as the victims. And then when the moon is up and the lover’s lane gets populated by Nursing student who was schedule to watch a movie, we stood up and fall in line and did the ‘follow-the-leader’ game wherein we walked around UST in just one line (just like elementary students haha) It was fun! There are even some people who said: ANO YAN? LINTA? hahaha and then some Engineering students seemed to be amazed at us, attempted to do the same thing we’re doing.

(too bad sherine have to go at around 7pm since she has an appointment with her dorm mate so its only us who continued the crazy but happy thing that we were doing)

And then we sat at the stairs in the field (the one where the concerts were being held every year in celebration of Christmas) We reminisce our childhood, teenage years, and even college years. Sang the tunes of the past and the present. We felt like we own the world at that time. We sang at the top of our lungs. The night helps conceal our identity to the world so we have no hesitations on singing at our maximum voice.

We also get to see the rainbow loop around the moon. It’s beautiful. I remember making a remark earlier saying that it’s my first time to see such thing (which apparently, is called MOON HALO) and Sheena responded as if she was shocked to know that it’s a first in me. But really, I’m not joiking at that time. It’s really a first. Maybe I wasted some time not noticing the things around me. I promise that from now on, I will take extra effort to be more observant. 🙂

It was a night filled with happiness (even after the epic fail examination in Ethics. ugh, its so difficult.) I never regret my time spent with them, in that place. Things like these are always worth saying and worth doumenting. 🙂

Jan. 27, 2010


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