second job opportunity

The day has come for my second chance to hit the jackpot, I mean —the job that I’ve been waiting for.

Armed with confidence and a big pimple right under my nose, I arrived fifteen minutes earlier on the exam venue and waited for roughly two hours to finally start the writing exam for the broadcasting company, TV5. The two hours waiting time was spent on waiting for the other applicant who was expected, I think, to arrive in the company at around 1 PM but eventually, he or she did not come so it’s only me and the other guy applicant, who is also a fresh graduate, who took the exam.

We applied as a writer for the broadcasting company. I was really expecting for some sort of a writer who goes to the field, the one who actually covers the event and writes the story but to my shock, what I was expecting was only half-true. As a writer for the company, you are expected to read the reporter’s rough draft about the day’s coverage, spot an angle, write the story script, match the videos available with the story on hand, and voila! you are done with your work. Sounds easy, but actually it is not. I’ve been with this already in our Broadcast Journalism subject and let me tell you, it takes a lot of patience and hard work on being the actual writer.

After knowing about the details of the job, I kind of feel disappointed because my job will keep me trapped inside the four corners of the office and not given the chance to see the real world, meet real people and taste life as it happens, when it happens. Oh. The life I’ve been dreaming to have, this would all break into pieces if I become an employee in this company under this job description, Ithought to myself.

But despite the crashing dreams that is vividly pictured out in my head, I still tried my best to pass the exam. Who knows, this script writing job might just be what I needed to train more of my skills. Maybe I’m just overreacting. Maybe I’m still not seeing the good side of this job. Maybe there’s still hope.

And so after the exam, we are interviewed by the one in charge of the hirings, Sir Mike. I first met him through his voice, when he called at around 9:30pm, two nights before the day of the writing exam. He’s a dark, chubby man with soft, manly voice. He seems kind and approachable. While scanning our resumes, he asked us, again, for the third time if we are a part of any publication in school. I said I am and my co-applicant said that he’s worked for the radio, a plus point to him, I thought so, because TV script is so much the same with radio script unlike with pure article writing for the newspaper. For that, I thought that he has an edge over me. But I’m still hoping. Who knows? This might just be my lucky day but it’s just too soon to know it by now. Sir Mike said that he’ll just contact us regarding the exam results, if ever we passed it.

On my resume, I said that I’m a resourceful person who has some back up plans, in case plan A didn’t work, plan B and C is present. Sir Mike noticed this and said, Totoo ba’to? Kasi sa newsroom kelangan talaga to kasi maraming pabago-bago, last minute. As a reply, I used my common facial expression, smug with matching nod. haha

Sir Mike also asked us if we are sensitive because inside the newsroom, pressure is always present especially near the deadline time. Everything needs to be done within a time frame so if ever there’s someone who incidentally shouts at you for pressing you on doing this or that, don’t be hurt, Sir Mike said, because it’s all just a part of the job and nothing personal. That’s what I liked about it. Walang personalan, trabaho lang, like the saying goes.

Another advice we got from Sir Mike is to be more aggresive. He noticed that we are both shy, well of course we are! we’re nervous like yeah, if you could only read our minds and if you could only hear our heart, you would know, I said to Sir Mike inside my head. But I appreciate his advice. It fits inthe environment we want to belong to. But I am not promising to be aggresive on first meeting, or even on second, third, fourth or fifth because it takes a lot of bonding for me to be more comfortable with the person I’m working or dealing with. Is that a bad thing? No. I don’t think so. Because if it’s work time, I know to work really well. I’m just having some trust issues so being at home with people at first acquaintance is sort of hard for me.

Anyway, I still don’t know the result of the exam. I’m wishing that they’ll accept me so I could have one possible job as soon as possible because as of this writing, I’m still a wandering child, wanting to have a job eagerly and desperate enough to meet new people and know what keeps them alive.


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Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on
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