ideas are not patented

Just because someone copied a specific idea from someone doesn’t mean that it automatically deserves to be filed under the category of plagiarism. I mean, every young writers read books to be able to learn and get to write like their idols. In order to be great in writing, they must first learn how their idols write so they can somehow copy it  and eventually create his or her own style. WE ARE ALL LIKE THAT. Let’s admit it.

The first time I saw Villar’s ad, it ringed a bell because I saw the style of that ad somewhere before. But I must commend the people behind the ad because it’s really brilliant. You don’t get to see brilliant ads like that every normal non-election campaigning day. It’s just that, it someone else’s original idea but the fact remains that there’s nothing new in everything because we humans tend to recycle anything, even ideas.

Like for example, some songs can have different meanings when played backwards, and these songs and the truth behind its meanings when played in reverse exists even before the 2006 ad of Murphy which won in the 2006 Canes Lions.

I remember my rhetoric professor saying “lahat ng bagay ay bagong luma o lumang bago” so we people just keep on reproducing one idea to another.

If we were to dissect the similarities of the many things around us, we will realize that most of it are interconnected with each other. Ideas are being stolen and later innovated.

When we learn a new joke, we don’t credit the original source of the joke. When we learn a new dance step, we don’t really give credits to the original thinker behind that. When we photograph something, we don’t really credit the main thinker who first started in the propagation of that style in photography. We can admit that we are unconscious about the style that we are producing but the fact remains that someone out there already thought of that idea even before you thought about it. Life’s like that, it’s either you’re the trendmaker or the follower.

At some point, yes I admit that the ad of Villar falls under the category of plagiarism but really, plagiarism is an overrated idea because we’re all guilty about this.

Today, I’m not yet sure who I will vote for as president. I keep on defending Villar because I feel like he needs it. We’re not related and we don’t know each other personally but I just feel that he needs defense because he’s getting to much mudslings which I think is bad. However, I don’t have the authority to say if the bad things said about him are true or not or even if Villar himself is the one who let those bad news about him let out for publicity’s sake, I don’t really know. What I just know is that politics is dirty and it only shows the bad sides of each politics because in every issue, there’s a truth lying somewhere there.

They say ideas are bulletproof, yes they are, as long as you keep them to yourselves. But those ideas, you won’t know if they are brilliant or not if you won’tlet them out in the public so, it’s the risk you have to take. Show your ideas to the world, take the risk of it being stolen because life is really like that, it’s not always fair.


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Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on
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