worries washed

I clasped my hands and prayed real hard, really, really hard to the point of having no direction on whether I’m praying the rosary or creating my own brand of prayer.

Our Father who art in Heaven… Hail Mary, full of grace… Glory be to the Father…

It continues.

The cause of my act started at around 9 AM today. My Lola and I were in the FEU Marian hospital for her regular check up with the eye doctor. We came in and was listed as number three on the waiting list of people waiting to see the doctor. When my Lola heard our number, she asked the secretary if we can seek the doctor first because we my Lola is feeling sick, but the secretary disagreed and said, “tell the first two patients because they came in first,”

“Nice. You’ve always been a nice secretary to us. You greeted us with a stare when we came in and then you rejected my sick Lola’s request. What a very nice gesture of you.” I said to her inside my mind. I wish the secretary could read my mind at that point of time and know my growing hatred of her.

And so, after receiving rejection we proceeded to theseats outside the clinic because of the unavailability of seats inside and alas, what seems to be just a regular hot day with no fans around turned out to be one of the few causes of something big.

Since Lola is sick, the heat only worsen it. She’s now complaining that she can’t wait for the doctor anymore because the pain is getting worse so she asked me to tell Papa that we’re heading home already and unfortunately, my phone is lowbatt so after sending the message, BOOM, it just went off.

After sending the message, we waited a lil bit but Lola keep on complaining so I went to the secretary and asked if I could use their landline to call Papa but she refused, saying that the phone has no load. GRRRR. So I went back to Lola and told her the bad news and after a few more minutes, we then decided to bid our goodbye to the unsympathetic secretary telling her that we’re leaving because, again, my Lola is not feeling good anymore.

And then we walked in the hallway and hit the elevator. Lola is not feeling good anymore and kinda tipsy. From third floor, to second floor, Lola fainted but managed to grab me and and I grab her as well. This time, I’m so nervous and the other people inside the elevator asked for help.

“Get her out of the elevator! Give her some air.” the caring woman said.

So we went out of the elevator, gave Lola some air and called the boy from the third floor who happened to be in the second floor at that same time, and asked for some help. He went out to get a wheelchair. Some woman also gave us a fan that is very timely not only for the humid weather but also for the coming elections since it has a presidentiable’s face and her mother’s on it and yes, it’s shining yellow.

Going back to the real story, I nervously and helplessly gave Lola some air through the fan given to us. I saw it as a blessing from heaven and maybe, some kind of sign for the coming elections but I set these thoughts aside first because Lola is more important than the coming elections, I thought to myself.

Seconds passed, minutes turn into painstakingly waiting for help that doesn’t seem to arrive. My text looks like doesn’t seem to arrive to its destination. SIGH. And then the wheelchair arrived. We moved Lola to a place near the electric fan and I asked the man in there to take care of my Lola first because I need to call. He agreed and also advised me to get some water. I forgot to say thank you, but deep inside, I am very much thankful for his act.

So I called in Papa’s house in Fairview to check if they are still at home but no one is answering. I then prompted to ask the information girl if I can use her phone to text my Papa. She agreed and I left to buy some water at the nearby mini stop.

I hurriedly came back and gave the water to Lola. We’re still waiting but no help is coming so I asked Lola if it’s okay if we’ll stay in the lobby so that when Papa arrives, he’ll see us soon enough. We used the elevator and dropped by the lobby. I again asked the information girl if I can use her phone to call Papa and that I will just pay her for the load. At first, she was hesitant because she doesn’t have enough load but thank God she have just enough load and she allowed me to use it.

“Hello Papa where are you?” I said.

“I’m here at the lab in the other building.” Papa said.

“Go here quick! Lola fainted!” I said. I’m crying over the phone already because of my helplessness.

After some minutes of waiting, Papa arrived and I felt somewhat relieved.

Papa said Tita Amy is on the clinic where we came so he hurriedly went to her and called her. Afterwards, we rushed in to the entrance of the building and called for a taxi cab which then took us to the other building where the Emergency Room is.

Unfortunately again, only one person is allowed to stay beside the patient and Papa is more suitable to do it so Tita Amy and I were left outside but she decided to go inside through the lobby and wait for the result in the ER waiting area.

Hands together, faith and mind focused on fast recovery of my Lola, I keep on praying and asking God, Lord, Papa Jesus, and Bro to help my Lola, heal her and I will do anything just to have her healthy again.

After 3 hours, Lola’s doing fine already. No more sweating, no more cold skin and slightly cheerful again. I sat on the floor beside her wheelchair,and she even noticed my mole on the upper lip which I also noticed earlier today, that is becoming more obvious than yesterday.

“What is that? dirt?” Lola said pointing on my mole.

“No. It’s a mole. I don’t have it not until second year college, I guess.” I said.

“That’s just right under your nose, in line with your breathing which means luck in business.” Lola feng shui’d.

“She now has the energy to predict my future basing just on my mole. I think she’s okay now.” I said to myself.

Papa called a taxi so we can get home and eat some food because it’s lunch and our stomachs are crying for some food already. Along the way, Papa revealed the reason for the hospitalization, it’s none other than LBM. Yes. LBM. She overate some corns a few days ago and it seems like she did not digested it all. It’s a simple illness but beware, the doctors said, because some patients, according to his history of knowledge in the medicine field, has been complaining for little pains but hidden causes, terrible causes might be lying underneath so we better be careful.

I’ve learnt my lesson well, not to be sarcastic, too taken for granted attitude and enjoy every moment with my Lola because she is a very precious gift given by God to me, to us so I must take good care of her everytime.

After this, I just said: Thank You Lord for healing Lola. Thank You so much. I’ll be a good granddaughter now. Promise.


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Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on http://LeMisstache.com
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