can’t get enough of horatio

I can’t get enough of my favorite AXN Macho May-Nia bet, Horatio Caine of CSI:Miami. I’m loving every bit of him, and the show of course, that I even have to become one of the casts of CSI: Miami in my dreams (which happened two nights ago). I get to deliver one liners in my dream, Lt. Horatio style minus the shades and Lt. Horatio even agreed on my one liner. HAHA. Beat that!

CSI: Miami has the best writers for they have the best lines to fit in just one liners. Their creation of Horatio Caine is epic, timeless, and classic. I also love the cinematography of the show because it features not only land shots but also both aerial and water shots that mostly creates an idea of what Miami is, which makes me wanna go gaga on listing it as one of my top tourist destinations someday. And well, aside from the staff behind the camera, we should also commend the actors for portraying great roles. I love everyone of them but most of all, I love H. My love for him is like my love for Sherlock Holmes. I strongly believe that one of them my true love in fiction world. HEH.

While googling about some info about the lead star David Caruso a while ago, I stumbled upon this Horatio Caine impersonation by Jim Carrey. This is possibly one of the million impersonations, I guess. heehee 

Who ain’t gonna love this amusing fictional character huh?

What I love about Horatio is his droll, witty lines. He doesn’t fail to entertain me. Another thing to love about H is his calm, cool, and reserved personality. He never shows any anxiety in every case they solve, even if the other party has something against his team. I wish I could acquire that personality as well. heehee

Now here’s another clip about Horatio and the other CSI:Miami cast impersonating him. I tell you, this one’s VERY funny. 

I also found some caricatures of Horatio’s one-liners even before I discovered the show (which is pretty late already because we only got our TV cable this year and the show was first shown in 2002 so I am practically 8 years late but better late than never, haha) The lines, the shades, the blond hair, oh, it was love at first sight. Here’s an example of the caricatures:

And here’s one of the many one-liners Horatio said that will make any girl fall for him:

“If you touch her, I will kill you.”When I read this, I just said AWWW and wished that Horatio’s alive, near me and become my man. haha

Because Horatio [puts on glasses] might just be the muse I’ve been waiting for. YEEAAAAHHHH!!!


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