five hours

I have finally voted.

We arrived at around 7:45 am in Placido Del Mundo Elementary School in Novaliches, QC. The total waiting time for my turn to vote is five hours but the actual shading of the ballots only took me less than 3 minutes. But I must say that the wait is worth it because the PCOS machine did not fail to congratulate me by saying that my vote, which is 228th in our clustered precinct, was officially counted.

The long line of people will really irritate you but if you are willing for a change to happen within the next six years, you should be willing to do this for your motherland.

Well, my first strike at automated elections and the election itself, is a very memorable experience. To think that I waited for 12 hours and 45 minutes just to be registered, why would I even think of wasting that almost 13 hours of waiting just to be registered and not wait for another hours to vote? That wouldn’t be logical at all if ever.

So to those who haven’t voted yet, please excerise your right to vote now. Comelec said they extended the voting period up to 7pm. What are you waiting for? vote now!


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