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I’ve always dreamed of having a big library where one needs to climb a ladder in order to find and get a book. This is the kind of library I saw in the movies like Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter. Now that I’m reviving that old dream, I am thinking of putting a bookshelf in my own room and redecorate it to have a new look.

Through some patience and determination, I managed to find a very nice photo of a bookshelf (with a touch of entertainment side) in tumblr.

 This one’s very beautiful but I don’t think it would fit inside my small room but I really liked the presentation of this bookcase. Here’s another one, which I also got from

A simple wooden bookshelf which will not eat too much space and will solve not only my book casing problems, but also the random whatnots I have in my room. If I were to put this bookcase in my room, I want it to be in white because I love the trendy traditional look which would look like this:


same room, different angle:


Don’t you just love the set up of this room? It appears to be a small room with matching white furnitures accentuated with a floral wallpaper. I love the christmas lights attached to the bookshelf / thingamajig case, very cute! The bed also makes me want to change my own bed but as much as possible, I don’t want the room makeover to be expensive so I’m still looking for more ideas.

(via cairparavel, lioncub, bookshelves, honeyhands)


This another photo would be a very nice look in my workplace. Very organized and messy at the same time. heh. But this one is really inspiring though. I would love to have my room patterned after this.

As of now, these are the thing’s I’m sure of: I want white furnitures, white bed (if possible), plain black/white bordered picture frames with varying sizes, and a nice and simple mirror with an accent colored frame. I’ll post some photos once this idea becomes successful.

EXPEDIT  Bookcase

ikea expedit bookcase for $99 

How I wish this bookcase, which I have seen in many wonderful photos over the Internet, is available here in the Philippines. But, if there’s a will, there’s a way so I know sooner or later, I’ll resolve this problem.

I’m so excited to do the room makeover.


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