No, it’s not about a Roman race neither a new font name. Bildungsroman, believe it or not, is a writing style. Sounds too wordy doesn’t it? But really, beyond its wordiness is an in depth revelation about a particular writing genre.

Bildungsroman is a writing style told in the first person about the story of the lead character from childhood to adulthood. This style of writing also shows the evolution of the emotional, psychological, and social shaping of personality of the lead character.

Today, I just finished reading the chick lit Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras by Cathy Hopkins which I think falls under the Bildungsroman category. I had this book a few years ago but only had the time to read it now because of many inaappropriate reasons. I’m working on my reading habit now. I’m loving it more as day passes by, which I think is an excellent thing.

Going back to the book, I’m 20 but I can very much relate to the 14 year old lead character, Lucy, who is going through some hardships about friendships, romantic relationships and choosing which path to take in college. The story also teaches you on how to find and know the real you. It also has some witty comebacks. I think I’ve read this book at the right time (wherein I’m having some friend problems like Lucy) so no regrets on putting it at the bookcase several years ago because I believe that anything has a reason.

The insights (or rather, epigrams) presented in this book made me realize a few things:

If you want to have a friend, be a friend.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim to it.

The book is an easy read and will keep you wanting for more. If I were to request something from Hopkins, I would ask her to create a book dedicated to Lucy-Tony love story and I also want to read more about Lucy, Izzie and Nesta’s friendship, family and career development.

“More, more!” my mind tells me. It only proves to show that this book is a a very good companion at times when you’ve got nothing to do and wants to have something to take you away from the busy world.

It’s a must for me to get the rest of the series. I recommend it to anyone who wants to find her true self and to anyone who wants to read fun literature. 😉


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Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on
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