seventh job interview

Today I got 2 interviews for a real estate company. One is from the main HR of this particular group of companies and the other is from the particular company I am applying for. So basically, the interview for the company is just under one umbrella.

This time, it’s a blossoming real estate company looking for a coywriter / media assistat to help them make a name for the land they are developing in Batulao Batangas. It’s amazing that the interview went good. The first interviewer happens to be my schoolmate in first year high school. It is indeed a very small world. And the second interviewer welcomes me with much delight, asking me to score well on the exam that will be given to me because they are looking for a copywriterfor a long time now and she’s hoping that I am the one they’ve been waiting for. Well, her reaction about my employment doesn’t seem to be much because I’m a good applicant and that I’ll be an asset to their company by the looks of my resume and how the interview went because I haven’t really proved my skills yet so I think she said that because they are already desperate to have a good copywriter. And I hope that I can live with her/their expectations.

So far, these are the companies that we’re impressed with my resume so they asked me to come over for an interview/exam but apparently, as of this moment, none of this companies were ever impressed with how the interview/exam came out so I’m still waiting for their call. 

1- Offshoring – web content writer

2 – TV5 – news writer

3 –  Stimula Productions – script writer

4 – Mla Times – reporter

5 –  Little Angel Studio – photographer

6 – E.T.P.S. – writer

7 – ALC Group of Companies – City State Real Estate – copywriter/ media assistant

I’ve actually sent out more than 20 resumes I think, excluding the ones listed above and excluding my online applications, I’m listing the other companies I’ve given my resume into:

Media outlets: Phil. Star, Mla. Bulletin, Mla. Standard Today, Summit Media, Mega Publishing, BusinessWorld, Phil. Daily Inquirer*, ABS-CBN*

PR companies: Canon*,  Samsung*

The companies marked with asterisks are the ones I applied for during the jobfair in U.S.T. It seems like my classmate’s father is true when he said that jobfairs are indeed just a promotion of the company because none ofall the companies I applied in there even called me. It’s such a waste of effort, paper and ink. Oh well.

It seems like I never really applied for many companies. I haven’t tried personally going to the other companies again, especially the media outlets. I think I should keep going, keep hoping and keep thinking that one day, I will be worthy of the job title offered to me even if it means a thousands of rejections, I won’t lose hope. These are just mere steps to finding the perfect job destined for me. Just like what Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

And again, I’m still keeping my hopes up.


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