To be where you want to, you must passionately want to be there, too

Finding a job is hard. Finding a job that perfectly fits your passion is hard, too. But there are circumstances that you need to decide between practicality and idealism. So which will you choose? Your dream or the world that always asks you to fit in?

I say, dream high and try to always reach for that dream. Don’t lose hope for sooner or later, you will eventually get that dream. Trust me. Persuasiveness always pays off. Always.

I watched Bolt at Disney Channel earlier and this scene hit me so well that I need to search for it online, word per word, and eventually write a blog about it so, here it is!

Rhino: Bolt! I can be a valuable addition to your team…
Bolt: I’m listening…
Rhino: I’m lightning quick, I have razor-sharp reflexes. Wha! And I’m a master of stealth.
Rhino: Plus, I’ll keep the cat in check.
[Mittens rolls her eyes]
Bolt: [Gets down close to Rhino’s ball] The road’ll be rough.
Rhino: [indicates] I have a ball.
Bolt: There’s no turnin’ back.
Rhino: Guess I’ll have to “roll” with the punches!
[“surfs” his ball]
Bolt: Easy won’t be part of the equation…
Rhino: Promise?
Bolt: I gotta warn ya, going into the belly of the beast – danger at every turn.
Rhino: [getting closer] I eat danger for breakfast!
Bolt: You hungry?
Rhino: [cracks neck] Starving!

BOLT (2008)

Rhino sold his self in order to get a job (even if his self description was a little bit exaggerated, the performance would still depend on how he’ll handle himself so it’s just fine, I guess) Although it wasn’t actually a job, it was something that Rhino passionately wants to do–to have adventures with Bolt. And it was something very inspiring. I admire his great passion and the courage to pursue it.


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