Just because Friendster is nearing sunset…

…doesn’t mean I can’t see the sunlight just before it ends.

Recently, a news spread out like fire about Friendster putting a halt on all its previous users saying that it will soon undergo a major makeover. And just like that, everyone’s talking about the then famous social networking platform that started the web-based testimonials page, the virtual photo album, the online bulletin board, and of course, the popular “Who’s Viewed Me” application that will give you goosebumps once you see your crush peeking at your profile.

But that’s not just that. Apparently, browsing your old account and comparing it to the present will make you ecstatic.

Nothing much has changed. I still love ice creams but I love frozen yogurts better now. The haircut, I think I know better now but I can’t say that my hair looks much better today than before. For my skin, I have fairer skin before, what happened to me now? As for fashion, I can proudly say that I’ve grown enough to have my own style. But all of this, still have some room for improvements.

It’s funny and shameful to see what you were in the past. Yet it’s also inspiring to know that after all you’ve been through, the present you is already better than before. And friendster, thanks for giving us that. Thank you for making us realize that even though we might set aside some things, we would still go back and cherish those moments, if only given the time and opportunity to experience it once again. And for that Friendster, I am truly grateful.

Seeing friendster now gives me nothing but pure happiness. So I’m listing down some testimonials that caught not just my attention, but also my true perception about the world, through someone else’s point of view.

Nickie P. says:

shayne??? hhhhaaaaiii… ang hirap naman nito… what can i say ba about you?? shayne is super kulit!!

she’s a nice friend to be with whenever gusto ko kumain ng marami..=))

gusto niya palagi namin siya ilibre!! madami naman siyang pera!

madaming wild ideas yan…

unang tao na tumalo sakin sa CONNECT FOUR!! hahaha…

rare yan ma-badtrip kasi palaging nakasmile..

ano pa ba…matakaw!! number 1 personality niya un…palagi silang nag aaway ni joesie.. pero pa joke lang! aaaayyy nko! ang haba na nito…to sum it up..

shayne is one of my college friends!! kasi mahilig siya kumain, tapos mahili kami sa tawanan.. lalo na pag inaasar si dianne… =))

Marvin F. says:

c shayne, masasabe ko, malalim na tao.. kc tahimik lng xa sa umpisa, pero pag naging mejo mas close na kau, mag iingay na din eventually.. uhhmm.. sa tingin ko magiging magkasundo kme eh.. basta shayne d2 lng ako lagi.. ingats ka hah? kita kitz tau mamaya.. =))

Jeffrey P. says:

Si ate shayne… akala ko dati masungit at walang kwenta… pero ndi pla…natuklasan kong mas malala pa pala…shet, may pagkabaliw.. at may tama sa utak…pero ganun p man…nakakausap pa sya ng matino…may oras nga lng…ndi joke lng… si shayne mabait tlga toh… ganda pa… un lng… hehehe….cge bb.

Mara M. says:


ahm…. well, ngaung 4th lng kmi naging super close…. kala ko nga dati napka kj, suplada, tahimik ni2 c shayne…. un pla kbaligtaran!!! nag start n naging close q 2 nung cnamahan ko xa sa up taz un na 2loy2loy na….. crush nga ni2 c champ!!! dream maging writer!!! bait ni2, msayahin, mkulit, adik, talino, sayang kasama sa lahat,………

oi wag mo meng kalimutan ha…….testi ko rin……..

And now, all I can say is… goodbye old bad habits and hello to better ones coming! More memories! And I thank Friendster for being the medium of my growing years. CHEERS!


About Shayne Zalameda

Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on http://LeMisstache.com
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