Dear friends involved in a love triangle,

I know it’s hard for all of you to be in that situation. Even if I’m not exactly a part of that state, I myself am having a hard time figuring out on what advice to give you. I wish I knew the right words to say. I wish I knew how to ease the pain. I wish. I wish.

But in the meantime, all I can give is a loving shoulder and a pair of caring ears.

Painfully yours,

the one who will stay by your side, whatever happens


About Shayne Zalameda

Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on http://LeMisstache.com
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3 Responses to #24

  1. tibstibs says:

    totally relateable. i wish i could console their grief, but the best i can do is to distract them from the pain they feel at present.
    hope you don’t take this negatively, but i think you should give yourself some distance, too. it’ll allow you to step back, take a breather, gather your thoughts and help them -without their problems taking it’s toll on you.

  2. iwrite says:

    But I think I can handle other people’s problems better than my own.
    It’s a gift I have. It’s a curse I have.
    And I should use it to help other people the moment they need it the most. Because who else will be strong for them, if not for me?

  3. tibstibs says:

    it’s amusing that we have what it takes to help others, but not our own. but who will save you when you’re turn to be down?

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