Dear complicated friend,

It has come to my attention that our mini-gatherings has been a knowledge common to our other close friend, too. I don’t know that you’re telling her about this. I know it’s not a big deal but, I just thought that it would be safer if we wouldn’t tell anyone regarding our mini-gatherings to prevent further complications. But now that I know that you’re telling her things that’s happening between the two of us, I just want you to know that I’m shocked. Really. And I don’t know what to say.

Our supposed to be secret is no longer a secret. I’m keeping it as a secret because I’m protecting myself, the ones who might get affected, and of course, I’m protecting you.

After knowing this fact, it raises another question to myself: why do I even bother keeping it as a secret? do you matter that much to me? Maybe you do matter that much to me. If not, I wouldn’t write this letter to you.

But one thing’s for sure –I am hurt.

I’m hurt even if I have no right to feel that way. I’m sorry for being this way. Sorry.

Signed by,

the one-sided thinker friend


About Shayne Zalameda

Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on http://LeMisstache.com
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