Day 8 of 94

Death of a loved one

Picture yourself in the middle of a comma. While sleeping, your soul left your body and you went on a long journey. At the end of the road, you saw a bright light. You’ve felt peace, joy, serenitea, and calmness upon seeing it, and thought that maybe it was God in the form of a light. Now picture this, if you were given the chance to live or to die, what would you choose?

Earlier today, I went to the wake of my officemate’s grandfather. In the mass, the priest told this story and explained that death doesn’t end everything. And that there is actually life after death; it is an eternity with God.

And so, yes, maybe there actually is. A promised land. A paradise.

On wakes, I often wondered where the relatives muster their strength and maintain composure. Maybe it is because there are many people who expects them to be okay. Or maybe the death of a loved one haven’t sink in yet. But still, they are brave for entertaining guests at this period of mourning.

Maybe the people around us always make us strong. And only in the moment of silence is where loneliness kicks in. In our alone time is when we can hear cries that are deafening.

In times like this, God, family, and friends are the only salvation a person could have. And I wish I have the ability to comfort people who experience this. I know that I already have too many awkward bones in my body, but in times like this, I just wish to have that ability. Just that. I know it would be more than enough.


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