Day 13 of 94

Anti-gravity yoga

I was alone. And it’s my first time to try anti-gravity yoga. Spot-on, I got in a class of non-beginners simply because the class for beginners was already full. Anyway, I was informed beforehand that this activity will trigger all the sweat glands in me and that there’s no need to worry because the instructor will carefully guide me. All I need to do was trust the art, the instructor, and myself. So I did.

And well, I can say that it is hard, especially when you’re not focusing. The other part that makes it hard is that, laughing is not allowed as much as possible because you won’t fully perform the steps if you’re laughing.

Anyway, the steps seem easy to follow but when you’re actually doing it, it may actually take a lot of effort. But that’s just me because I’m not really into physical fitness stuff.

Our Yoga instructor even said that it’s all in the mind. But I guess my mind is just too strong to hinder my body from completing the 12-15 counts of every position. So sometimes, when I feel like my heart is already pumping real fast, I stop. And yes, it means I’ve cheated in not completing the routine.

The hard parts are normal but the fun part here is the falling stage, wherein we would just let our whole body drop into the hanging cloth. That’s my favorite because it felt like letting go of all my fears. Seems like a trust fall. And I tell you, the fall is definitely worth it.

In the relaxation part of this trust fall, everybody just went into a state of calmness. Free from worries and fears. The instructor told us to release any tension in our body. And what struck me the most was his next sentence:

“We are all lifetime learners here…”

After he said that, I kept on repeating it to myself. And suddenly, everything felt lighter. It’s as if a silver lightning in a form of wisdom came crashing into me. And in that moment, I feel very thankful.

Another thing he said, just one of the many:

“Activate your body. Let go of the tensions… Always remember to have an open mind to new things.”

I feel like I’ve just eaten a heavy meal of wisdom and physical fitness today. And I’m eager to eat more.

Another position is wherein we stood upsidedown. Straight body, just like your posture when normally standing up. This is the position you would commonly see in the leaflets of this kind of yoga. The one you would want to have a picture of.

I’m still gauging whether anti-gravity yoga is for me. Maybe I was just surprised with the level of my first-try but I think this will give me more benefits than pains.

Oh, the things I do to mend a broken heart. I’m happy that despite the pain, I’m working on improving myself. Discipline and stability is very important, and this activity will teach me just that. So, here’s to more sessions! I’m willing to try and learn some more! 🙂


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3 Responses to Day 13 of 94

  1. That’s what I like about yoga. It’s not just about the physical exercise, there’s philosophy behind every move, every position you execute.

    • penpenpenpen says:

      That’s true. But the sad part is that, or rather the painful part about it is that, I forced myself into the non-newbies class so now I have a broken arm. I got it while doing a push-up, with one foot inside the hammock and lifting the other foot up to level the other one. I fell flat in the mat. I think I have weak shoulders. I’ll just be extra careful next time. I think I forced myself into believing that I can when I really can’t.

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