Day 20 of 94

Of Wins and Losses

Today, 6th of October, year 2012, three major things happened to me.

First, I get to drive using our own car since it’s already my last 2 hours of driving lessons. I was pretty excited so while trying to drive our car out of our parkway, I hit the bumper to the wall, and that is because we have a very slim parkway! So the instructor led the way. And after 2 hours of driving the car outside, (we even went to EDSA, and I’m thankful) it’s now my time to park it inside. And good thing, I finally got it right. One big accomplishment for the day!

After that, I got inside the house tuned in to watch the UAAP Basketball Finals. It’s my alumni school UST Growling Tigers versus the Ateneo Blue Eagles. During the first half, we were winning but unfortunately, during the second half, the Blue Eagles made a necessary adjustment to bring home the bacon today. We’re still keeping the faith, though. I’m hoping to relive year 2006, that is season 69 wherein I was on my first year in college. Our school became the champion then and everybody in the school wore yellow to show their support. Everybody was just so happy. Back then, it was also Ateneo VS UST. Game 1 was won by Ateneo then, but Games 2 and 3 was UST’s. So like today, I just really hope they’ll relive history, six years after.

And finally after watching the basketball game, headed straight to Araneta Cubao to watch the Foster the People concert. I was singing and dancing all throughout the concert even though my left arm was aching due to last week’s yoga incident. FTP is amazing whether they perform live or not. The show is definitely worth it. Mark Foster is such an eye-candy! He dances wildly on stage! Makes me wanna lose control too! I want to mimic his moves and eventually be fostered by him, too. 😛

This day is full of good memories. It’s something I’ll definitely look back again and again.

More good memories, please, my dear self!


About Shayne Zalameda

Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on
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