Day 24 of 94

The long wait is over

It took me a year to actually be able to find the courage and the willingness to learn how to drive. But now, after waiting for over three hours in the Land Transportation Office earlier, I finally have the most-awaited blue card in my hands.

Listed below are the things you need to have a driver’s license:

1. A student permit (at least one month old)

2. Medical and drug tests (100php and 300php, respectively)

3. Practical and theoretical knowledge in driving (for the written and actual exam)

4. Ballpen

5. Processing fees

And now, here’s the steps:

1. Go to LTO and fill up a form indicating your need for a driver’s license.

2. Submit the form together with your medical and drug test results.

3. Pay for the fees. (I actually don’t know the exact figures for this since I had my driving school instructor accompany me in getting my license. I paid them 2,200php, all in. And I tell you, it’s expensive! I just had to do it since I know nothing and I don’t want to be fooled by fixers. I advice you to just go there and apply for it yourself so you could save yourself a few hundred pesos. Please read on for more tips. Heh.)

4. Sit down, relax. Wait for your name to be called.

5. Have your picture taken. Write your signature, too.

6. Wait for your name to be called, again.

7. Proceed to the learning center to review for the written exam. You can choose from either English or Filipino reviewers. Road signs are also posted in the walls, so take advantage of that. A video presentation showcasing the road signs is also available. Everything is well-provided so no need to worry.

8. For the nth time, wait for your name to be called.

9. Proceed to the examiner’s room. Listen to the guidelines being given. And also, don’t hesitate to check the road signs that are posted in the walls while the exam is ongoing. They serve as bonus points for the exam.

For a Non-Professional Driver’s license, there are 40 multiple choice questions, wherein 30 is the passing score. (I got 39! Hihi)

For a Professional Driver’s license, there are 60 items, 40 of which, you should answer correctly.

10. After the exam, wait in the lobby, again, for your name to be called.

11. If you pass, you’ll be briefed for the license restrictions you’ll be applying to. I got restriction 2, which is for manual and automatic vehicles that are below 450,000 lbs. (if I remember the weight correctly.)

You will also be asked on whether you brought a car with you to be used for the exam. If not, you can rent. As for me, I rented a four wheel vehicle for 250php.

12. Head to the actual driving test area and have your final exam there. It only took me about five minutes of driving since the testing area was small.

As you can see, this process involves a lot of patience but I tell you, in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

I had mine processed at LTO East Avenue and they have flexible schedule there, no lunch breaks since their staff takes turn, which makes the process less-hassle.

Are you ready to get yours now? Also remember: getting a driver’s license is not a right, it’s a privilege.

Good luck! 🙂


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