Days 26, 27, and 28 of 94

On hiatus: vacation mode

I went on vacation on October 12, 13, and 14 so there’s limited access to Internet, hence the no posts. But having the access back again, I’ll try my best to share the experience I had in the beautiful white sand beach of Boracay.

Ours was not a vacation that was filled with relaxation. Ours was that filled with activities like Flyfish, Parasailing, Helmet Diving, ATV, and even Zorb!

image image image image

All for an affordable price of Php 1,500. It’s cheap because it’s off season and there are 15 of us, including Macy, the four-year old daughter of my office mate.

We’ve also tried food trip. Isaw’s are sold at 10pesos per stick.


In the photo above, one can see the quirky placing of the isaw sticks on display. Instead of just piled up on rows on a plate, they’re piled up standing up on the soft core of a banana tree. Another quirkiness is that, there’s no need to dip your sauce in the pool of vinegar with floating chilis. Their sauce will be brushed on the isaw itself. And I tell you, when you try it, it’ll leave you wanting for more!




Boracay at night was just what I expected: full of people just enjoying life, leaving every bit of problems (or just good at hiding them for the meantime) they have at home. In Boracay, there’s this aura of feeling good about one’s self. Being free, being confident, being you.

But another thing that shocked me was that of the streetchildren. I thought a tourist spot like that of Boracay was developed enough for it to not have underprivileged citizens there. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be there, neither if I’m asking why they are there in the first place. What I’m telling here is that, what can we do, more than giving alms to the ones who need it?


Strolling along the beach, I’ve noticed a few of them again. They don’t disturb people. They just sit quietly in the sand with their plastic cups standing in front of them, waiting for people to notice what they’ve presented all along. After taking this photo of the child above, I dropped a part of my money which I know may not be enough for this child, but it’s still something that can go a long way to aid his aching stomach.

Anyway, as I continue walking, I chanced upon something that made my eyes glow: a bookstore!

I was in high hopes of finding a title that I could bring home. Fortunately, I have seen a few, but unluckily, they are in languages that is not known to me. Some were German, Russian, Swedish, to name a few. So even though I wasn’t able to buy anything from the bookstore, I was still happy by the mere discovery of it.

Walking along again, I looked at the sea at night and I saw darkness. No sign of lighthouse
or boat lamps in the horizon. Only total darkness and hums of waves crashing into the shore. It felt so peaceful yet alive.

We went there to swim in the ocean of Boracay but ironically,  most of us never really got the chance to do so because of our lack of time. We arrived there afternoon of Oct. 12, bought our pasalubongs right away. And then on Oct. 13, we had all the activities plus a buffet dinner so no time to swim, still. On the morning of of Oct. 14, we woke up early to pack our things since our flight is at 11am. Hence a part two is really a must! And next time, I’ll make sure to really feel the waves crashing into me.

Also, another worth noting is the presence of flood in Boracay! I’m not saying it’s not possible because obvviously it is, since we’ve seen it over a few minutes of heavy rains, but we didn’t really expect it!


It’s just amazing how you get to discover things that are just way out of your expectations. The flood discovery still isn’t bad, though. It’s just surprising.

Even though we haven’t really had the chance to fully enjoy the blue sea, we still enjoyed the other side of it. And it’s a  memory we’ll truly cherish and pick up from time to time. And one day, it’ll just make us smile.


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