Day 46 of 94

Early All Souls’ Day celebration

It’s that time of the year wherein we have a mini-reunion to visit Lolo in the cemetery. Usually, we still have Papa around but since he left for London two months ago, it’s just Lola, the wives of her sons, the daughters, and the grandchildren of the grandchild.

It’s my first time to drive for the family. The streets of Tandang Sora is pretty thin that I had a hard time driving but much later than sooner, we eventually get there. And thankfully, all was safe.
This year, the kids outnumbered the adults. There were five kids and only three of us adults. Having them was a bit hard to manage, but it was fun. Kids are always fun to be around.

We were there from lunch until late afternoon.Since we have no men present yesterday, we weren’t able to build a tent. Good thing the sun’s up so we managed.

Did I mention that we found Putobumbong vendor? Christmas is in the air already!

When little drops of rain started to fell around 4pm, we started packing and left.

When we got home, we relaxed for a few hours. After that, my sister and I decided to have some bonding time. I suggested we eat at Cravings in Il Terrazo since they have this unlimited cake and coffee promo for only Php200. Sounds like a good deal right? So we did.
It was indeed a good one! We only managed to eat three slices of different flavors each plus one iced coffee. The cakes are too sweet that we needed to taste something salty, so we ordered Pesto Linguine. And it was a joyful two and a half hours for the two of us. Filled with stories, laughters, and sisterly secrets.


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