Day 57 of 94

Appreciating You Day

It’s Thank You Day at work. We were given five button pins each to be given to five appreciated people. At first I thought it was too many but when I started writing down the names of the people I want to thank, I realized that five wasn’t enough.

I’ve got pins and messages from unexpected colleagues and friends. And I’m truly thankful for those who have given me one of theirs. I somehow feel sorry for I haven’t given those to some in return. But please know that with or without pins,  you are well appreciated!

Anyway, I’ve seen a string of similiarities with the messages I’ve received. They were all stating the same thing: be happy or stay happy.

“…Stay Happy!

“Stay the way you are, Shayne, but allow yourself to be happier. It’s not so much what you show people now as it is the lasting impression you’ve created over the last year. people will always think of you as the happy girl who laughs at so many things. you’re lucky – you don’t need to try too hard to mask your pain. not many people are allowed the gift of privacy and secrecy under the guise of a preexisting concept about them. cherish that, and remember that no matter how much time passes and no matter how many horrible things happen to you, as long as you don’t forget the OTHER things that make you happy, you’ll never forget how to BE happy.”

“I admire your attitude towards life’s inevitable’s. Stay happy!

Happiness seems to be the most important thing in the world that once attained, life would be in perfect bliss. We seem to be in constant struggle, constant searching and constant wishing to be happy that we just forget to let it be.

I don’t actually know where people derive their assumption of others being truly happy, or should I say, contentment, the root of happiness?

When I was a child and asked of what my dream was when I grow up, I often answered: to be happy. Until now, I still crave the same thing.

Going back to the button pins, choosing the people to specifically give thanks to was pretty hard but I eventually managed to name them. The pins say the following:

-You Rock!
-Positively Awesome!
-You’re a star!
-I’m appreciated

I was saving the last pin for my uncertainties, my doubts, my fears. When I first read the “I’m appreciated” pin, only one person came into my mind. I want to give it to the one who, despite and because of everything, I’m still thankful that he became a part of my life.


One pin was saved for you.

One valuable pin. (All my sincere feelings are here. And my heart was sealed tightly here)

One wasted pin. (The courage to give it to you was nowhere to be found. I can’t give it because sometimes giving results to bad things, too.)

The giving starts and ends in the act itself. And giving should only result to happiness. If not, I’d rather not give it to you at all. I don’t want to cause anything other than happiness to you. It is because your happiness… is my happiness, too.


About Shayne Zalameda

Shayne Zalameda is Misstache. She adores eating, traveling, attending events, and watching films. She likes to omit adjectives and is fascinated with ironies. As much as possible, she tries to avoid the word "very". Sometimes she easily forget things. More on
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