2014 in review

I have been to a lot of places –Baler, Japan, Sagada, Baguio, Benguet — watched roughly 100 movies, wrote dozens of article for my personal blog and other websites, got promoted in work, saved a little on my piggy bank, received two more dogs to love, the list goes on but most importantly, I was generally happy.

There were a few bumps here and there, got overwhelmed with some things I shouldn’t feel overwhelmed about, and got carried away with some of the films I’ve watched. But I was okay. More than okay, even.

The path I want to take have become clearer in 2014, and I feel like I’m a step closer to my dreams.

I have so many things to be thankful for. So many things to get excited about.

Got no words but to make more better mistakes this year.

And get more sleep!

Cheers to the great people we will be!

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I loved Sagada when it first showed me its beautiful sunrise back in 2013. I loved it even more despite the absence of sunrise in my recent visit.

Instead of sunrise and clouds, it showed me the beauty of fog in the woods.

Underneath my bonnet, jacket, t-shirt, improvised scarf, pants, and socks, the cold weather still beats me.

We had many tiny branches of woods to burn but most of it were wet, not ready to be burned, just yet. So our bonfire had a short lifespan.

I slept the cold away. We.

Then a heightened level of cold started to make its presence felt. I checked the clock, wishing its nearing sunrise, but it says its been only 4 hours since I slept.


About thirty minutes have passed and we decided to get in the car to somehow ease the cold. And it worked. Somehow it helped protect us.

Next thing I knew, I was near sunrise already.

The moment I opened my eyes, around 4 in the morning, I saw a thick fog that envelopes the mountain.

Uncertainty peeks in.

I was waiting for the sun, wishing, hoping. Cars arrived. People arrived. Added expectations arrived but time had come and it is not as I (or we) expected it to be.

Clouds are hiding the rice terraces underneath it. Sometimes it reveals the view, and that’s how people like it better.

I love it even more when it tries to play hide and seek.

Mt. Kiltepan whispered that sometimes, no matter how difficult it is to survive a cold, December night on top of a mountain, it is a gift to remember that I am not alone.

I left Sagada wanting to explore it even more.

Every visit is a different experience. It’s a concept that I don’t usually believe in but Sagada changed it.

If only Sagada were a person, I’d be in love with him right now.

Surely, it is one of my favorite places in the world.


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Little by little
the pieces erode
and now
I’ve grown
a little bit
of stupidity
with a dash
of courage
to start
being hopeful

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A letter to sunsets and sunrises

I stay up late at night
just staring at photos of
sunsets and sunrise

The yellow orange
hues filling up the sky

the bubblegum colors of
purple, pink, and blue

Once I saw this sunrise

Mt. Kiltepan in Sagada, Mt. Province

My feet
on top of a mountain,
fresh morning air,
pine tree breeze,
bed of clouds above me,
bed of clouds beneath me,
then the sun slowly wakes up from her slumber
caressing the sky with its warmth and energy

hushing, smiling, saying:

“good beginnings are at the tip of your hand, if only one dares to look at it,”

For that moment,
I was just there
staring at its beauty

no care about
the world around me,
the life around me

to be lost,

and to be found

exactly where it needs to be

It’s been one and a half years since I last saw you

I’ll see you again


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25 at 2014

This is probably how my adorable, thoughtful, caring, and loving Lola sees me: blurry, out of focus, at times a mess but still her one and only Shayne.

I just turned 25 and yet I still don’t know about a lot of things but I would like to take this moment, keep it in my hand, or maybe wrap my arms around it, and be thankful for the things, people, pets… most especially the Lord, who helped me be where I am, and become what I am, today.

I will be grateful, today and always. ❤️

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I rode a taxi earlier after attending an event.

I talked to the driver and asked how many hours he usually drive his taxi.

“24 hours,”

Huh? Wow. So he’s shifting every other day? Yes.

I asked him if he loves to sing, Filipinos love to sing so I’m expecting a yes…

There was a three second lapse…

“Yes, only when I’m drunk. Hehe”

I also asked if he’s with his family, where they live, how’s life, among other things.

“We’re four in the family: me, my wife, and two kids.”

“My eldest,” he says…. then cuts the sentence halfway to ask me

“How old are you, Ma’am?”

I gave a slight burst of laugh.

“You’re shy of your age, Ma’am? Hehe”


He continues his story and tells ne his elder is slightly older than me. The youngest, on the other hand, is a year younger than me.

In the middle of our conversation, I gave him an envelope with a gift certificate from a local spa house which entitles the holder to an hour of KTV. And oh boy, the look on his eyes from the rearview mirror is priceless.

He told me an instance where another passenger gave him free court side tickets to a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) game.

“I was also so very happy when she gave me the tickets. You know, we’re still in contact. Lani(?), works for…., she was very kind.”

Amidst the happiness, he also mentioned it was costly because the venue of the game was far from their home.

“Transportation is hard and I also love food so…”

That leisure time of theirs cost them P1000 already, his wife and he. Despite the obvious budget ache, he still smiles.

Then we reached my destination. I asked his name,

“Mang Boy”

“I hope you and your family will have fun in the KTV!”

“Yes, Ma’am, definitely. Thank you!”

Then I closed the door, and left.


Meeting strangers is not so strange, after all.

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I never liked the rain
but the sound it makes
–when dropping
on galvanized iron sheets,
on a train top,
or on a body of water, where I like it best,
–are enough reasons for me to like it
better than hate it.

sometimes I’m scared of it

when the sound gets bigger,
more compact,
more dense,
you can already feel the drops
creating an ocean?

and the wind blows
you can hear a silent roar

sometimes I’m not so sure
about the rain
or anything

I just let it be
and it lets me be

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